Gratitude for the Ocean

As I sit here watching the turquoise waves crash onto the shore, listening to the lull of their constant in and out, I am yet again reminded of the magik that Mother Gaia shows us.

The tide moves inward from the horizon, no beginning, and no end. A magical life force all its own.

The waves roll in and steal a bit of sand when it rolls away, but always leaves some behind in its place.

Like the moon, with its cycles and phases, the ocean seems very similar in her moods. One minute soft and gentle, the next crashing violently. Hand and hand the ocean tides and moon phases work, what a beautiful friendship they possess.

She contains life abundant, hidden under her surface. Sometimes she lets us see. Sea turles, dophins, sandpipers all we try to protect.

I give great gratitude for being here this week. With my Aunt, Mother-in-Law, Husband, children, and a friend. I hope that my children develop the same love for the Ocean as I have.


The Ocean is

Everything I want

To be. Beautiful,

Mysterious, wild

And free.

That time of year

What a beautiful time right now in this present moment. It's beginning to get warm, flowers are blooming everywhere.

Tomorrow is a New Moon, and May 1st will be Beltane. 

My oldest daughter will be graduating this month, I am so extremely proud of her we've been through so much. She's truly turned out to be an amazing child! 

You are beautiful and will go far in life, because failure is just not in your vocabulary. Love you with all my heart!!!



Beautiful day everyone Blessed Be

I put an altar together to honor and respect Brigid. I allowed my intuition to guide me, it truly was a beautiful experience!

Where are you from?

I am from the great State of Oklahoma! Bible Belt America!!! While it is extremely difficult to be "different" in this area, I have come to accept that maybe Spirit has put me here to show people that just because I'm a witch does not mean I'm going eat their children or offer them as a sacrifice to Satan. I am your neighbor, friend, and will more than likely go out of my way to help you before anyone else would!!! Have a beautiful and blessed day!

Why I've decided to create this blog...

Love and light to our pagan community!

   My first blog page on Facebook was initially inspired by my sister Audrey. I am not one to share much with very many people, but, with Audrey's boost of confidence, I have been running it.

 I am knowledgeable in The Craft, which is what I write about, obviously educating was my main purpose, but my secondary goal while beginning this blog was to create a Pagan community where people can come for questions or problems they may encounter, also to encourage people to join in discussions by sharing information they might have.

 My goal is to integrate each area of paganism into my life wherever it may fit, to keep an open mind, and to teach where I can, while giving others the opportunity to do these things as well.


Ostara Blessings